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I thought I was dead.

He stabbed me with his dagger, the one I gave him for his 15th birthday which had a line carved crudely by hand at the side of the hilt saying “The Brave”. It shone like the new blade freshly handed over from the smith the day it was finished, whom I promised the weapon would be in good hands, and its owner would become a great man.

I saw its deadly shine flicker in my eyes when he unsheathed it, and I knew it was well taken care of, as if he had been polishing it every day after all these years as he had when he received it.

Then I noticed a flash of white in the corner when the dagger came flying towards me. Ah, yes, the marble bead. He gave the other one to me on our day of departure, said that we would always be together in this way, and that we would have something to live for in our darkest moments. It was the best he could make at that moment, but he told me if we were to meet again, he would make me a ring.

I saw red gushing out from a deep cut. It was like the bouquet of roses he sent me on a lonely Valentine evening, with a tattered letter saying that they were winning, and he would be back before autumn. But the red smelled nothing like sweet scented flowers, nor like the bitter mixture of hope and disappointment, but of rotten iron and the foul flesh of death.

A curtain pulled over my eyes, and my whole world went black as my conscious receded into emptiness.

I thought I was dead.

As I open my eyes I see a familiar face beside me. I’ve seen that face for eight years: I’ve seen it tired after a long day of training, I’ve seen it light up at the sight of good food, I’ve seen it smile as he looked into my eyes like he believed that moment would last forever. I’ve seen it many times and in many ways, but not this.

I reach out my hand to touch his. Cold. His fingers are stiff, unlike how agile they used to be. He enjoyed the art of crafting, and he was skilled in it. He would always laugh nonstop at my ability to destroy everything that went through my hands, and I would take away every piece of item he made in revenge.

I feel tears welling up in my eyes as I realized what this means. I cried my first time when I hurt him in a friendly match. I failed to stop my blow and left an ugly slash along his chest. He bled in pain, but he wiped away my tears first before he tended to his wound. He told me he was fine, but I didn’t believe him.

As weak as I am, I feel no wound on my body. He would always make a fuss about the tiniest scar I had, even when it was just a paper cut. I knew he was only worried about me, but I would laugh at him for acting like my mother. He’d then kiss me to shut me up.

There’s red on his chest, just like the fireworks I dreamt we would have on the day he returned. It would remind us of the day we met, and he would hand over an almost dried-up rose with a smile upon his face. We’d ask the same question at the same time, and answer “I’m fine” simultaneously, and laugh as if those years of departure had never existed. The marble bead attached to the dagger would shine under the bright fireworks, and its owner would finally kneel down and take out a ring.

I thought I was dead.
I thought.
I thought I was dead - short story
Short, meaningless (and shitty) story.
English is not my mother language, so I know there will be a lot of mistakes in here...
The tenses are killing me, and I have no idea if they're correct or not!Waaaah! 
Anyway, yes, the story.
Uh, there really was no plot planned for this, I just opened Word and typed whatever came into my mind.
The timing of the story is the moment when the main character (boy or girl, pick whichever gender you prefer, I'm using her for convenience's sake though) wakes up after a battle with her boyfriend.
There's no telling why they were in a fight since I didn't plan anything at all, but there's the possibility that somehow the boyfriend was manipulated by the enemy, or perhaps they accidentally ended up being on two opposing sides and were forced to fight one another, OR the boyfriend simply didn't recognize her (perhaps they were both masked, and the girl only recognized him at the last moment through the dagger??)
Who knows, really, it's up to you to decide.
For those who are confused about what is REALLY going on, basically the story is just this: the girl faints, the girl wakes, she finds her boyfriend dead, and she hopes she was dead.
There you go.
I am here by Kyle5447
I am here this is ==
originally I wanted to draw something with a background for once
but then...let's just say it didn't turn out so well, and I got tired of doing all the little details and stuff (especially since I'm not good at it - mind me, I only draw about three pictures a year)
so I just decided, well, hell, let's just put some plant-like stuff on her dress, add some glow here and there, and let's call it an end
and that's what I did
so, voila~

texture used: Texture by Paulinemoss
In the dark by Kyle5447
In the dark
I to draw...clothes....
and STILL without a BACKGROUND!
geez, well, since I always give up in the middle of drawing backgrounds...and's no wonder I never know how to XD
the lighting might be a bit weird (since I know nothing about it, again =.= ), and I know the hand is probably...not normal
but ah, well, all the same, this is something I've never tried before!
so please give me some advice, thanks!
Thoughts by Kyle5447
Drawn for my homework, used along with these two old drawings (Good Morning, Good Night), so I tried to use the same style for it
DIY doll by Kyle5447
DIY doll
a tiny, unimportant part of my homework...but I enjoy doing this more than the actual project QwQ
doll made from a pinterest DIY tutorial, although I pretty much changed every material to meet the nature of my laziness
here's the original link of the pin for those who are interested: napkin paper ballerina
must say, I did a poor job on this, lol


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Artist | Hobbyist
Only draws occasionally, and as a style changes from time to time, sometimes BAD and sometimes okay, and can never learn how to draw backgrounds and clothes ._.

I barely login to DA, so if I'm late on replies or anything, I'm saying sorry in advance w

Below is a facebook page I created for putting stuff in, which only has like 20 or so likes, and it's in Chinese, but that's where I (sometimes) put processes and some other things in, although....well, since I hardly every can guess how often I update it =.=

(p.s. I have no idea why I set my account name to Kyle5447 in the first place, must have had to do with puberty)

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